frequently Asked questions

What is NGO ?

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is basically a legally constituted organization which is operated by legal persons who work as independent team with the help of donation.

What is 35 AC ?

The Income Tax Act of 1961 includes certain provisions which offer a 100% Tax Exemption as a tax benefit, to the Donors who contribute money to the NGO. Unlike the certificate granted for Section 80G, the certificate granted for 35AC is provided to any organization as a whole, but only to e

How do NGO’s in India obtain 35 accreditation ?

The Government of India approves certain NGOs and notifies them as eligible for project or schemes for the purposes of section 35AC. The Central Government has constituted a National Committee to identify projects and schemes to be notified under section 35AC, such committee normally consis

What is Social Venture Philanthropy model ?

Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP) is an innovative model based on the business concept of venture capital. Under SVP, Smile Foundation identifies, handholds and builds capacities of genuine grassroots NGOs. Smile focuses on achieving scalability and sustainability, creating a culture of lea

What is the Outreach model ?

While working in the remote rural areas, Smile Foundation realized that capacities of community based organisations (CBOs) were not adequate to meet expectations of social investors. Under outreach model, Smile Foundation implements the development interventions directly as it requires inte

Who all are the target beneficiaries ?

Children, their families and the communities are the target groups of Smile Foundation with children at the centre stage. The organization believes that a child?s education cannot be taken care of without taking care of the family, especially the mother, and the communities they belong to.&

What are the types of NGO ?

There are 2 types of non-profit NGO. One is Trust and the other is Society. The third type of NGO is a profitable NGO which is often registered under Companies Act.

What are the acts in which NGO is registered ?

Non-Profit NGOs are registered under 2 acts. One is Indian Trust Act, 1882 and the other is Indian Societies Act, 1860 , Indian Trusts are registered under Trust Act and the Societies are registered under Societies Act. The third type of act is Indian Companies Act, 1956 under which a profi

When is an NGO eligible for funding ?

An NGO is eligible for Government funding after 3 years. However, in some special cases, an NGO can get Government funding even after 1 year if its project gets approved.

How can I do NGO Registration ?

You can easily do NGO Registration by hiring us. Just give us a call on our number +91-9437047774 and our professionals will guide you right from the beginning of registering your NGO to the point of making your NGO a great success. You can also mail on our email id.

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